Opera: De Banfield & Williams / Love Letter to Lord Byron

Today I was listening to the one-act opera Lord Byron’s Love Letter by Raffaello de Banfield and libretto by Tennessee Williams. Reader, have you heard of this creation? I didn’t think so.

I only have a copy myself because one fine afternoon ages ago I found myself scrounging among the used bins in Amoeba Hollywood looking for something strange with a brand new Visa card in my wallet. So I will tell you about this little operatic oddity.

Music Friends / Soundtracks

Soundtrack: Devin Sarno

Devin Sarno’s music is, to my ears, a natural for creating counterpoint to moving images. It usually starts off very quietly before building into a crescendo of multi-layered, often feedback-driven music characterized by unknowable overtones and harmonics. It might be meditative. It might be inscrutable. It might be terrifying. With Sarno one never knows in advance! 


Soundtrack: Michael Small / Klute

Listening to the LP of the soundtrack of the 1971 film Klute. Strange piano with what sounds like… what is that tone-bending instrument? Celesta? Glass bells? Wind chimes? Very interesting musical sequence for a mainstream film. Who is this composer? Seems I would have heard of someone so original before. Harry Partch? Terry Riley? Jerry Goldsmith on peyote?