Happy to be writing again, on my own terms and in a tiny place on the net that’s mercifully free of advertising. 

I had a long run in the past where I was always writing online in some form about my enthusiasm for music, art, travel and the like. Then my professional life went into overdrive and for some time I didn’t want to look at a glowing glass rectangle for one minute after I left work. But now that I’m back at composing and producing with a will, the impulse to write about everything I’m discovering or recalling in music is too hard to resist. 

Why serial blogging? Because as useful as social media channels are for making connection with the world in many different ways, those channels are inadequate for expansive literacy or depth of expression. Inadequate not from any kind of imposed censorship but more from the constraints imposed on content creators to develop a style that’s built around some billionaire’s business model. Writing for the web within the auspices of a personal site may be very retro but I haven’t found anything to really replace it. 

Over the years my writing has taken large steps of evolution with every new project. Like all contemporary writers I’ve been trending more to brevity, and I hope to keep that discipline in this new phase. I’m not checking word count but I’m already chafing at the length of this first post! 

Ok I got curious — the word count so far is 255 words. Stopping now because that’s more than enough to say: Hello!