Night People: G. E. Stinson 

Night People is a set of 5 nocturnes I composed that were inspired by and dedicated to musician friends of great originality. Each piece is based around the solo instrument of each dedicatee, evoking their style and spirit, and supported by an arrangement for octet. 

Nocturne #5 (G.E.) attempts to channel the improvisatory mind of my pal from the LA music scene, G. E. Stinson, an avant-jazz guitarist.

Many years ago G. E. played with a popular jazz group called Shadowfax. The thing that has intrigued me about G. E. is that he might have continued to work that more new-age style of music and build upon a following with that fan demographic while playing only in a similar vein. But it seems to me that with his restless musical spirit and wide open mind he has followed his heart and blazed more challenging musical trails.

I first saw G. E. play in West L.A. at a place called the Alligator Lounge. The Alligator (no relation to the Brooklyn bar of the same name) was for a time a venue that was a friend to unique, experimental music acts of any kind. I don’t think I saw G. E. play with the same combo more than once; sometimes he might turn up in a duo with Nels Cline, other times with singer/multi-instrumentalist Kaoru Mansour. Other times at other places he might be solo. His sets were always worth the time investment to hit the freeway for the westside and check him out.

In Nocturne #5 (G. E.) I was inspired by his more recent improvs, particularly this Ear Meal video from laARTstream. As with Nocturne #1 (Devin), I used a split shaker akin to how G. E. uses his metal implements to get those liquid mercury sounds out of his Danelectro. After the take was complete I follow-tracked the guitar part with viola. All in all a bit more fuss and formality than an organic G. E. jam but I hope it rides his wave.

G. E. Stinson